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Marketing Program Design

A candle loses nothing of its light, by lighting another candle.

In 2000 a family-owned farm came to us with a challenge: they weren't getting as many customers out to their farm to purchase berries. Together, we brainstormed ideas on how they could connect with retailers, deliver berries, start farmer's markets, and begin a harvest festival to educate consumers. Today Liepold Farms celebrates 17 years of partnership with Burgerville, farmer's markets, and a popular harvest festival!

We have witnessed outstanding success. Many of our clients have pioneered their industry and created positive change. Ask us about how S-lem impacted the electric vehicle industry, Gerding Edlen changed urban development, or how Montavilla Sewing Centers is a leader in sewing retailers by engaging customers beyond selling sewing machines.

Our work can take you as far as your imagination would like to go. We can work with you on a one-time basis or as we preferred an ongoing partnership. Let's talk...

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing budget
  • Content writing
  • Social media, web
  • Graphic design, logos
  • Media planning
  • Educational programs
  • Fundraising
  • Book design & writing
  • Editing