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Share your ideas, challenges, fears, and opportunities to lead to positive results.

As your partner for success, Kirsten provides time management tools and coaching.

Together, we create marketing, communication, or business plans that you can achieve.

Award-winning expertise that allows you to see the big picture and attend to the small details.

We’re an experienced branding agency with more than seven hundred projects under our belt, and we promise more to come.

Digital consulting

How we work

Digital Marketing

Kirsten’s creative marketing is not just about making connections or sales, instead she helps you design experiences and create conversations that go deeper so that people feel safe and have the ability to trust. In doing so, these experiences and conversations lead to stronger relationships and business sustainability.

Product Design

Business leaders, human resource departments, or marketing teams can bring Kirsten in for keynotes, workshops, or training. Kirsten creates a learning environment that gets people thinking, creating, and taking her ideas into practice immediately. The experience is memorable, fun, and outstanding!

Design Strategy

With over 25 years of experience in helping her clients build movements that create community, transform industries, and pioneer creative marketing programs, Kirsten is excited to start working with you!