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Our Story

Established in 1994, we started a graphic design firm called ID Graphics. We thought in order to be successful we needed to be located downtown. However, traffic and parking was very frustrating. So we moved our studio to our house and have been learning how to balance work, family, fitness, food, feelings, and fun.

We have been honored to work with clients like City of Lake Oswego (branding/signage), Gerding Edlen (signage, business strategy), Liepold Farms (innovative marketing programs, branding), Dimera (logo/marketing), Montavilla Sewing Centers (full-service creative and ad agency services), Brooklyn Hardware (branding and packaging designs), Ron Tonkin (logo), S-lem Electric Vehicles (marketing initiatives), Sunnyside Orthodontic Specialists (logo, marketing), Kitangle (content writing/marketing), Robinson Winery (wine labels), Marsee Baking (logo), Portland Roasting (marketing), Providence Foundation (book design and writing), and many other businesses, dentists, and doctors. In 2009, we changed our name to Bamboo River Marketing because we were do so much more than just graphic services. It was one of the worst decisions that we could have made, you'll have to ask us why! Oh, the things you learn in business!!

Our founder, Kirsten Klug, also saw a need for educational activity books and workshops addressing whole health concepts and created a program that clients can now use to extend their communications campaigns to families in a unique way.